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This is a  good one for our v 101.9 listeners, one you have been waiting on! Idris Elba is reportedly in talks to star in the upcoming James Bond film, but just not as the role of special spy agent 007.

In the past, Elba as been rumored to star as the spy after Daniel Craig‘s departure from the franchise even though he admitted last month at an ITV London premiere, “No, I’m not going to be James Bond.”

Although everyone wants to see him as the new black bond, especially ladies, Elba is currently in conversation to discuss taking on a role in the franchise in the next Bond film. It’s rumpored that Idris has had informal talks with the studio and he has been told there is a role in the next Bond film for him, if he wants it.

He won’t be the title character, but they do recognize the amount of pull and respect he commands, and they want to work with him on a completely original character for the next installment.”

The buzz around Charlotte and the country is that  It was confirmed that discussions are only at the very early stages, but “it looks like it would be the role of a villain.”