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Just in case you missed the grownman tweet of the day…here it is.

This tweet comes from comedian Marcella Arguello. You can follow her @marcellacomedy .

‘Another friendly reminder to stop eagerly getting out of jury duty just because you don’t want to.’

Now I get what she is saying. This process seems to have a difficult time getting those jurors of your ‘peers’ thing to work. Not just work but to work correctly and consistently. It seems that it does work consistently for the wrong person or should I say people. She is saying that if more people of color would not blow off jury duty it would help add people of color to the jury. In theory that’s good now in reality that’s not gonna work because you still have to be SELECTED to the jury. This is in leu of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict of not guilty on all charges. I guess the jury selection process works for him huh ?!