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According to UN-Water, within 10 years we will have a shortfall of water.  Access to water in the U.S. should be a human right. A large percentage of people don’t have clean drinking water. Will the Carolinas get to a crises like in Flint, Michigan and Newark? Maybe that will change once the Infrastructure Bill is reached and improvements begin. Back in 2019, at least two million people are living without access to any running water and toilet water. Most of us think about water, but not to the extent of not having clean water to drink and bathe in. After listening to Melissa Perry on NPR’s, her show, the Takeway took a deep dive into water insecurities.

If 60% of a human adult body is made up of water, we need it to survive. Many brown and black communities are more impacted as well as rural communities from the fight for clean water. For example a 4-square mile neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan, water is a travesty if you’re $150 behind on your water bill, because it’s immediately is shut off. That mom struggling to pay her water bill faces losing her kids the day the water is shut off. Those kids are immediately put into the Foster Care which is historically known to be the pipeline to the prison system. The average American uses 88 gallons a day. The title of this blog is a quote from Mark Twain saying: “Whiskey is for drinking. Water is for fighting”.

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