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Morning rituals or a strong routine are proven to help you start the day off with motivation, more
energy, and better intentions. In the busy schedules of our everyday lives, such a simple thing as skipping breakfast can make us feel guilty. It is highly crucial to have a personal routine whether that is yoga, saying a prayer, or exercise, these rituals can help reduce our levels of stress. This can help by maintaining a healthy overall gut function. Nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary emphasizes the important
relationship between the gut and brain. She says, the gut is full of nerves called the enteric nervous system, or ENS, also referred to as the “second brain” of the human body. The enteric nervous system has the same type of neurons and neurotransmitters found in the central nervous system.

According to TheIndianExpress, here are some tips to practice your health.
Read a book: The playful mind is full of creativity and can be a calming and relaxing way to let the brain
easily take over.
Gardening/watering your plants: Gardening is a wonderful way to connect with nature and give your green thumb a chance. You could begin with planting whatever plants are available. Succulents and other household plants are effective ways to begin.
Guided meditation is extremely beneficial for stress management as it calms and relaxes your
mind and increases self-awareness.
Listen to smoothing music
Music is one of the most popular ways to start off a morning. What is better to begin your day
than with your favorite song? It soothes the mind and can help you feel refreshed for the day.

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