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Janine Davis

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Safety first! Did you know on August 5th, 1914 the 1st electric traffic light was installed in the USA. It was installed at the corner of East 105th Street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio.

It’s the Halloween season, and police and North Carolina troopers say it’s a particularly dangerous time of the year. That’s because of drunk drivers. And that’s why the North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program is more eyes on the roads as the “Booze it and Lose it” campaign kicks into gear.

Last October, according to the Governor’s Highway Safety Program, 33 people died and 83 were seriously injured. In all of 2020, a total of 435 people were killed and 908 seriously injured in alcohol-related crashes.

Organizers of the program say the big picture is to have people think before they drink and drive as it has life-threatening consequences.

The campaign starts Monday and goes through Halloween on Oct. 31.