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Photo by Julius Silver from Pexels

You see more and more people going on vacation now. You can call it a staycation, get a way or a break, but it all means the same thing , going somewhere different and new to have some fun and unwind. These trips are needed more than you think. A change of scenery is always good for your day to day routine. When you travel you get to see the mind of God and you get a chance to recharge your mind and your energy. A lot of people go around nature when they go on a trip. This is important because energy is everything and since we are ALL connected,  the trees, wind, sun, air and greenery all help with your energy and getting you balanced. Stress eases away when you’re somewhere beautiful. Whenever you get a chance take the time to go somewhere you haven’t been and reset. This is the beach I would sit on in the Dominican Republic and just think and relax. I can’t wait to go back.