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Over 13 percent of government workers in North Carolina’s Mecklenburg county  have been  suspended without pay after failing to submit mandatory COVID-19 test results or proof of vaccination

Triple C Brewing Company’s owner Chris Harker says a Freedom House church that has an outspoken stance against Mecklenburg County’s mask mandate will no longer be allowed to use his parking lot on Sundays.

On Facebook, he wrote “We will no longer allow this church to use our parking lot on Sundays. Freedom isn’t always free I guess.”

Beyoncé has Shared a Ton of Vacation Photos while in europe with her family including Rumi and Jay-Z

Peacock’s ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Drama Reboot, has Announced they have a Full Cast and are ready to start filming

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D has responded to Flavor Flav’s claims that Chuck is blocking a group reunion due to contract negotiations, he said this is just stupid, flav always sues people he works with and he did it time. Flav lost in court and now its time to move on

When Nelly Beelined on stage during  The Verzuz battle of Fat Joe and Jarule  To Hug His Ex Ashanti , Twitter Blew Up, in a interview with Fat Joe, he asked her is their any chance of them reuniting she said I got a man