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New Music from Charlotte’s Own Anthony Hamilton – You Made A Fool Of Me

Fly Ty gives this one 5 stars! Charlotte’s own Anthony Hamilton is back! He  is the modern king of churchy, soulful crooners and those kinds of voices always work best when conveying heartache. Perhaps that’s why “Charlene” is his signature track. He adds to his catalog of heartbreak records with his latest single “You Made A Fool Of Me” and has even given us a dramatic video to match.



Anthony Hamilton - You Made A Fool Of Me [Official Video]

Anthony Hamilton's song "You Made A Fool Of Me" get your own download of song here: Anthony: Spotify: h...

.”You Made A Fool Of Me” finds Anthony channeling the soul of Lenny Williams with a slight interpolation of “‘Cause I Love You.” This isn’t a touching love song, though. Instead, Anthony laments about how his lady has done him wrong. “You made a fool of me / I gave you all I had,” he sings. “You made a fool of me / I’ll never take you back.”


Helping him bring this to life is longtime friend and collaborator Jermaine Dupri, who laces him with a classic soul sound that fits the track’s mood.

The video takes the story even further as it opens with his lady — who coincidentally is the original actress who played the role of “Charlene” in that video — packing her bags. As she does this, Anthony takes the time to show us the story behind why she’s leaving. While things look sweet at first, we soon see that his lady has deception in her heart.

She slides with another guy in Anthony’s own home and gets caught red-handed. That prompts AHam to dismiss her with the quickness and brings us to the reason why he’s singing the song.”The story is about trust being broken, a heart being deceived, the final straw of being made to feel foolish, and having enough of it,” Anthony said in a press release.

“Jermaine kept the integrity of true R&B music. He never tries to make me anything other than me. He keeps it 100! I’m Southern, churchy, and like to sing my ass off. I hope listeners take away the confidence to move on after giving their all. I also want to say it’s not my fault this time, dang it!”