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South Carolina schools head back to the classroom today, so you may want to leave a little earlier because traffic is back in full swing

The City of Charlotte accepted a $1.2 million donation on  from the Wells Fargo Foundation and GreenLight Fund for the Alternatives to Violence (ATV) program.

the Colts beat the Carolina Panthers 21-18 in a preseason game Sunday.

Nico Ali Walsh the grandson of Muhammed Ali made a spectacular debut in his first boxing Match, winning with a  first round knockout

Rap vet and celebrity sports fan Snoop Dogg has a strong opinion about the lack of ownership in the NFL, in an interview with the NY times he said why don’t we have an owner in an NFL? That’s just racist. Period, point blank.”

Wildin out comedian Jessie Woo sparks outrage after her Whitney Houston, joke many people went to social media and said no comedian should ever joke about death

Marlon Wayans wants to make a sequel to the hit movie “White Chicks” and he believes the best time to do it is now

‘Damn!’: Kevin Hart and Don Cheadle’s Awkward/Hilarious Exchange Confirmed as a Joke, they are good

the Denzel Washington Family Foundation, donated anoter 100k for students at wiley college and the college thanked them for  for their $1 million commitment to their legendary debate team!