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Scientists are now saying that many people keep underestimating the coronavirus. Now reseach is showing that there could be  Variant Worse Than Delta mutated version of the virus coming.

If you are a tik tok user here is some good news, TikTok, the Only Social Media Platform Without Stories, Is Getting Stories

NBA free agency news, One of the biggest names on the market, Chris Paul, opted to return to the Phoenix Suns, Carmelo Anthomy has joined the LA Lakers, Stephen Curry, Jimmy Butler, and Trae Young have agreed on maximum contract extensions. And former hornet Kemba Walker is heading to his hometown NY Knicks

Dr. Dre’s Daughter (LaTanya Young) Claims the she is Homelessness, working odd end jobs to stay afloat, and she is living in her car , she also says that He Refuses to Help Her, because she has spoken about him in the press.

Nas has revealed the tracklist and cover art for his upcoming album, King’s Disease II.

According to Forbes, the 33-year-old singer/entrepreneur Rihanna has reportedly reached billionaire status thanks largely to her Fenty Beauty line,