Iowa might need to take a chill pill. Being impatient can get you in some trouble. Waiting in line, trying to merge on I-77; we can all grow a little frustrated from time to time.

But which scenarios grind our gears the most and what is our natural reaction when faced with these situations? New research by Moneypenny has revealed America’s most impatient states, what annoys residents the most, and how they handle their triggers. Wondering if your state made the list? Below, Moneypenny reveals the top 10 states with the most hot-headed residents:

Ranking State Percentage of impatience
1 Iowa 71.9%
2 South Dakota 67.9%
3 Vermont 66.3%
4 Kansas 65.2%
5 New Jersey 63.7%
6 Idaho 63.0%
7 Nebraska 62.4%
8 Nevada 61.4%
9 Utah 60.6%
10 Arkansas 59.2%

Apparently, everyone in Iowan is frustrated. Who would have thought? Iowans revealed themselves to be the nation’s most hot-headed individuals with traffic jams (67%), slow internet speed (63%), and people arriving late to a planned event (59%) being their top irritants. And I thought no one lived in Iowa…

Residents in South Dakota are America’s second most impatient, traffic jams (63%), slow internet speed (63%), and people arriving late to a planned event (61%) also being their biggest triggers. Meanwhile, in third place, residents in Vermont are also frustrated by traffic jams (76%) and slow internet speeds (72%), as well as being left on hold (70%).

On the opposite end of the scale, Arizona is revealed to be the most patient state in the U.S, with just 14% admitting to being frustrated by delayed public transport, compared to 35% of those in Iowa. Amazingly in Missouri, the second most patient state, just 42% of residents get frustrated by being put on hold compared to 70% of those in Vermont, and just 19% say they would be agitated by delayed public transport compared to 35% of Iowans.

If you feel like you fall in the hot-headed human category, Moneypenny spoke with career coach Joanna Blazinska, Founder of Leap and Leadership, for her advice on how best to manage impatience. Blazinska shared that taking the time to develop strategies to cope with irritability is really important. For example, breathing exercises, maintaining mindfulness, and self-compassion.

Commenting on the report, Joanna Swash, Group CEO of Moneypenny said: “Resolving customer queries and providing the best possible service is at the heart of what Moneypenny offers. We always aim to be as efficient as possible when helping our customers, whilst doing our best to ensure they are happy with the result and service we offer.”

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