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LeBron James (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

Now, this right here is a cool treat ladies and gentlemen, one that had your uncle super excited. You all know that your favorite grownman is a huge Lebron James fan, so guess how surprised I was when I walked into the studio and saw this…

Oh yeah!! This throwback Lebron James Calivers Jersey is hitting on all kinds of levels for your uncle. Big shoutout to my man DJ Rham for this cool gift. This couldn’t have come up at a greater time, I’ve been talking about getting one of these to frame up in the studio for a while. Happy to have friends like these that know how to surprise a grownman!

My book “Grownman Tips” is out now, the next 50 copies get an autographed copy from your uncle!

Picture of Grownman Tips book written by Tone-X

Order your copy RIGHT HERE, and make sure to let your uncle know who to make it out to!