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How To Make Extra Money By Speaking

Apply for speaking gigs. 

  1. Start with a subject you know well

You must have a passion for the subject you wish to promote. If it’s not important to you, you’ll have a hard time convincing other people that it should matter to them. If you’re not sure where to start, write down a list of subjects you feel strongly about and that you’d like to share with others. If you possess expert-level knowledge in the subject, it adds to your content and credibility. Chances are, you already know what you want to speak about. 


  1. Develop unique content

Now that you have a better idea of what you’ll be speaking about, it’s time to develop your content and present it in a unique way. People crave new ideas they haven’t heard before, so take notice of what’s already out there and think of how your version of the information best appeals to people who know little about the subject. 


If you haven’t already created a website tied to your role as a motivational speaker, now is the time. Engaging content entices audiences to pay attention. 


  1. Understand your target audience

As much as you’d like to have everyone love your message, not everyone will. Know that this is okay and expected. Focus on connecting with your most engaged audience members and create content designed to resonate with them. You’ll learn a lot about your followers through engagement on social media, message boards, and other forms of connecting  like email and inbox on social media,  your  DM has money in it! 


  1. Gauge public interest

Make your online presence known by sharing original quotes, writing blog posts, and collaborating with influencers on social media platforms to share your content!.  

You may consider writing an e-book or hiring a graphic designer to create a fun brand image, Logo for you! You can add a slide show during your speaking, and also…consider wriotng a Book!! So you will have product or merch when you speak, for example…have the title of your message on a t_shirt to sell, ex. (Mental Health is true wealth slogan on a t-shirt to sell!) 


Once you’ve tested your content online and received enough positive feedback, you’ll be ready to take your message to the stage. Building your audience online helps support attendance at future speaking events. Think about how comedians build a online audience before a live show, you go and see them because you saw them on social media and you follow their content!!!!  

Why? Because you think they are funny! Same with motivational speakers…that’s how people will find you and fly in to see you on a stage! 


  1. Develop public speaking skills

Perhaps the most challenging part of delivering great content is doing it in a way that gets people excited. You have to find ways to tap into your audience’s most heartfelt desires and convince them that listening to your message will enhance their quality of life. That’s why it’s so important to develop great speaking skills. Consider joining a public speaking group, hiring a mentor or taking a public speaking course to get practice with this skill. 


How To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills (With Examples) 


  1. Start for free

Once you understand what it takes to be a memorable speaker, start offering free speaking engagements to local schools and organizations you think would benefit from your message. As you hone your speaking skills, people may start inquiring about your fee. Once you start booking paid events, you’ll become more confident in your new career as a motivational speaker. 


  1. Invest in marketing

Reach more audiences with the help of a local marketing professional. Your investment will pay off as you continue to build momentum in your new career. Tell your friends, family and business contacts that you’re actively booking speaking engagements. Keep writing original content and look for ways to build your reputation as an expert on the subject. Reinvest in you!!! 


  1. Apply for speaking gigs

Advertising by word of mouth is beneficial because it’s free and it creates a network of connections with all the people you inform about your speaking gigs. In addition to networking, you may need to apply for time slots at conventions, conferences, workshops and other venues. Research speakers who cover subjects similar to yours and find out where they speak. Get the names of event organizers and contact speaker bureaus to help you find high-paying gigs. If they don’t know what you do they can’t hire you. Or shadow them , like a under develop a relationship and you may be able to open up for them! Free gigs lead to paid gigs