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Motivational speakers build successful careers from life experiences. They share their powerful messages with others who benefit from the wisdom gained by those experiences.  

You will also learn how you can transition from having a genuine passion to becoming a professional public speaker who inspires others. 


ASK: What is a motivational speaker? 

A motivational speaker is a business professional who delivers speeches designed to inspire and motivate people in the audience. Also known as “inspirational speakers,” these individuals are gifted in the art of persuasion. They positively present their ideas and encourage others to follow their way of thinking. 


ASK: Why are motivational speakers important? 

Motivational speakers are important because they help motivate people to live their best life. Those who are struggling with physical and mental health issues find comfort in listening to individuals who have overcome challenges. It gives them hope that they too can find happiness and success in life. 


4 Simple Ways to Maintain Motivation for Career Success 


Motivational speaker skills 

The path to becoming a motivational speaker takes time and practice. Motivational speakers have certain skills that make them successful, and you may realize that your skills need a bit of refinement….that means start with a audience of one “YOU” in the mirror!!! 

 As you build your experience speaking to large groups, you’ll develop these top skills that motivational speakers possess: 


Leadership: What sets you apart? 

Communication: Reaching and properly engaging with your audience  

Confidence: What you are saying needs to be believable  

Clear articulation: It’s not what you say its how you say it  

Engaging presentation: Grab your audience have them on the edge of their seat 

Storytelling: this is a art, make you speech come alive 

Adaptability: Being relateable to any room you in  

Passion: Make them feel your heart  

Authenticity: If you don’t believ it, they won’t believe you,  

Empathy: Put yourself in the others shoes 

Time management: Be able to follow time restraints  

Motivational speakers learn over time how to gauge the interest of their audience and adapt to the feedback they receive. They become more confident in their delivery and storytelling abilities, and they learn how to manage the time they’re given onstage by keeping their messages concise. 

Steps to become a professional motivational speaker 

Becoming a motivational speaker appeals to many people who have a passion for telling their stories of success. You can be hired by individuials as life coaches or by corporations to inspire staff, or schools to inspire students the sky is the limit! Motivational speakers come from many different backgrounds and industries. Inspired by experiences from their personal or work lives, Know what you wanna talk about and who you want to talk to! 

Developing your public speaking strategy may come naturally or take some work. Experiment with different ways to deliver your message and continue to network with other professionals to build your credibility. Follow this series of steps to start your own inspirational journey: 


Start with a subject you know well. 

Develop unique content. 

Understand your target audience. 

Gauge public interest. “How much do they need what you got”  

Develop public speaking skills. (start in front of a mirror, until you got it) 

Start for free. 

Invest in marketing. Yourself to your field of interest “Most Important”