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Janine Davis

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It’s an incentive you may not have heard of in the retail space, but many retailers across the country are now offering  ‘sign-on’ bonuses. You mean I can get paid BEFORE I even start working? Count me in!

Sign-on bonuses are not a common practice for most companies. But many companies are struggling to keep up with customer demand. They need more staff and staff is scarce. So companies have had to get creative with their incentives. Then enters – sign-on bonuses.

Companies like Amazon, Ollie’s Bargain Outlets and even Sheetz convenience stores are offering the one-time payments to make job offers more attractive. Search firm experts say offering sign-on bonuses makes better economic sense for some employers. Instead of raising wages, they reason, sign-on bonuses are not permanent and overall are cheaper.

These one-time payments are offered to new hires. See some of them below:

Amazon – hiring 75,000; sign-on bonus up to $1,000

Ollie’s Bargain Outlets – hiring 200 in distribution centers; sign-on bonus up to $1,000

Sheetz – hiring 50; store workers $500 sign-on bonus; shift supervisors $1,000 sign-on bonus