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Weekdays 3:00PM-7:00PM

You can check out a podcasting kit for FREE for three weeks, just like books. You can visit the Borrower Policy page for specific details on fees. Podcast kits can be requested and sent to any of our 20 library locations. Look for them in the catalog under "podcast kit."

Tommorrow night, man do I got a show for you growngang family.  This weeks Grownman Conversation Visual Podcast is bringing on Charlotte’s very own Ohavia Phillips. Check out the trailer…

It’s gonna be all love and fun for tomorrow’s episode at 9pm ET. Listen in on all Podcast platforms. Can’t wait!


My book “Grownman Tips” is out now, the next 50 copies get an autographed copy from your uncle!

Picture of Grownman Tips book written by Tone-X

Order your copy RIGHT HERE, and make sure to let your uncle know who to make it out to!