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Just when you think we knew everything about this guy, more stuff comes up (which is not surprising). It seems that Derek Chauvin (the officer seen in the viral video placing his knee on George Floyd’s neck) has a history of placing his knee on people’s neck. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution stated in an article that the DOJ, according to ABC News, is considering bringing charges against Chauvin for a 2017 incident involving a Black teenager whom Chauvin subdued in a similar method as Floyd. Though Chauvin was found guilty on three murder and manslaughter charges for the killing of George Floyd, reading up about this doesn’t make me feel any better about Mr. Flyod’s demise.

Officers that act like Chauvin are always getting their bad history swept under the rug until it’s too big to ignore. Just as Chauvin’s actions were brought to justice, I pray this serves a lesson to officers who abuse their power to correct their ways. It should also motivate officers who do the right thing to get their crocked counter-parts inline.


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