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What is your favorite uncle rocking today you ask? Let me show you what I got cooking underneath my favorite Puma sweatsuit. You already know that I am the “Sock King”, so it should come as no surprise that I’m rocking new socks with my fresh red, white, and blue Puma’s. Peep the video below.

You can’t tell me those socks don’t complete the look, even if you tried to I wouldn’t believe you. The red and black mix with the blue and white to good not to, haha. What’s your favorite color to wear growngang family? Lights? Darks? Whatever it is, always rock it with confidence and be unique with it. You can’t copy your uncle ya know, lol.


My book “Grownman Tips” is out now, the next 50 copies get an autographed copy from your uncle!

Picture of Grownman Tips book written by Tone-X

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