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Coronavirus Information Report

Wearing be mask can be somewhat of a nuisance. Masks can be itchy, too tight, hurt your ears, irritate your skin and the list goes on. Well, the Health and Human Services Department wants your idea on how to make masks more comfortable. And they are offering $500,000 for the best innovation.
The Mask Innovation Challenge is underway now through April 21. Contest participants can submit their new and effective ideas on how people can wear masks more comfortably and it protect against the coronavirus. Health officials says we know that if properly and consistently worn, face masks can help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  They say the goal is to prevent the virus and allow HHS to control the virus.


HHS contest organizers say when creating your concept for a mask, keep in mind masks:

  • need to be comfortable breathing through
  • won’t fog up glasses
  • doesn’t make it hard to talk to others
  • fit snugly on people’s faces
Please  submit your idea here by 5 p.m. ET on April 21. You must be a US citizen or legal resident to receive a prize.
Up to 10 winners will be chosen in the first phase of the challenge and will split a $100,000 prize, with each person taking home up to $10,000. Masks will be judged by their filtration efficiency, inhalation airflow resistance, fit and other test methods depending on the design.
Other rules according to HHS:
  • No masks designs are permitted to use sprays or drugs that can be inhaled or absorbed in the skin, nose or mouth
  • No accessorizing or modifying NIOSH-approved respirators or FDA-approved surgical masks with anything like filters or additional head straps or ear loops
During the second phase of the contest, participants can submit prototypes. Those will be tested to see if they meet filtration and airflow resistance criteria.
Five winners will be chosen to split a $400,000 prize.