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Having made sure the word “smize” (meaning “smile with your eyes”) is familiar to almost every household, Banks is cashing in.

The iconic supermodel and host and executive producer of Dancing With the Stars have just launched her ice cream brand. The launch has been a long-time dream for Banks, who says she used to bond with her mom while eating the frozen treat. “We used to go to Häagen-Dazs on Friday nights and sit in the car and I’d eat my coffee ice cream and she’d eat her chocolate and we talk about everything,” she said.

SMiZE Cream is available in six mouth-watering flavors: “Brownies, I Love You”, “Caramel Cookie Queen”, “Strawberry BirthYAY! Cake”, “Purple Cookie Mon-Star & Me”, “Salted Caramel King” and “The Best Vanilla I Ever Had”. I’d love to get my hands on a pint of these, but not too fast! the Smize ice cream pints are currently only available at Santa Monica Place with online delivery scheduled to launch later this year.