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This 2020 Pulitzer-winning project examines the history of slavery in the US.

A long-form journalism project that included articles and a multi-episode audio series launched in August 2019, on the 400th anniversary of the first Africans arriving in Virginia. Developed by New York Times Magazine and Nikole Hannah-Jones “1619 Project” examines the impact of slavery on American history and that which still endures in American life today, whether in law, education or the arts.

‘The 1619 Project’ is an essential reframing of American history. Our most cherished ideals and achievements cannot be understood without acknowledging both systemic racism and the contributions of Black Americans. And this isn’t just about the past—Black people are still fighting against both the legacy of this racism and its current incarnation. I am thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to work with The New York Times, Lionsgate Television, Harpo Films and Hulu to translate the incredibly important The 1619 Project into a documentary series.” said Hannah-Jones.

It’s not yet clear when Hulu’s docuseries will premiere.