Method Man is not having it with these young rappers and wants to know why they have so much money. Per Hot New Hip Hop, in a recent interview, he aired out all his grievances.

He called the new class of rappers “rockstars” and said, “I remember getting twenty-five hundred a show. ‘All I Need’ had dropped, and I’m doing shows every f—n’ day. Seven days a week. I had to tell the manager to raise the price…Next thing I know, I’m getting twenty-five g’s a show… Now we’re in an era where these kids got more money then–son, I couldn’t imagine.”

He added,  “Where are they getting this money? They got a deal or some s—-? No f—g way that they flying private all the time. That money long as f—-. At minimum, that’s 30 grand round trip. Where are they getting this money from, can somebody tell me? I need that hustle. They paying to fly a private jet, and they’re doing it all the time!”

Afterward, the interviewer points out that the young talent coming up also cashes in other ways. For example, they make money from streaming revenue, endorsements, club appearances, features, etc.

But Method Man still wasn’t sold. He lastly added, “But some of these–where is this s—- coming from! We can’t see it! Nobody really listen to your music like that, where did you get this f—g money! It boggles my muthaf—n’ mind man. Every penny I got, I know where that came from.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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