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Being the natural college basketball fan that I am, your uncle stumbled onto a tweet that gave me goosebumps. It highlights the Texas Western “The Miners” being the first team to start five Black players in the NCAA championship and winning the Championship after defeating the top-ranked University of Kentucky men’s basketball team – coached by Adolph Rupp.

The takeaway for your uncle is what that defeat meant to Coach Rupp, who had a known tactic for not recruiting (or playing against) African-American players. I could only imagine his reaction when he lost. Check out your uncle’s reaction from my video below…

You can only sleep on greatness for so long. Click this link to hear from one of the Texas Western players on that historical winning game. What are your thoughts on this match? Are you a fan of the NCAA? For posts like these and more, listen to your uncle Monday – Friday, 3 pm-7 pm on Grownman Radio. Follow your uncle on Twitter or Instagram as well. Salud!


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