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“Sometimes being silly with a friend is the best therapy”.

Straight facts! Today’s Grownman quote is on Friendships. How many times have you had a bad day and called on a friend to talk about it? For your favorite grownman, my friends are some of the first people I hit up for any occasion. Bad days, good days, exciting news, you name it. Think of how many times that conversation or meet up with them got you out of a bad mood. For some, it might have even saved your life.

Who is that special friend in your life that you can hit up at any time? Are they a family member? A co-worker? A teammate? Whoever they are, keep them close to your heart and have memories and conversations with them that will last a lifetime. For more Grownman quote’s listen to your favorite Grown Man Monday – Friday, 3 pm-7 pm on Grownman Radio. Follow your uncle on Twitter or Instagram.

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