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Look up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s your favorite Grownman rocking his Superman socks. To my Charlotte family, on a day when the sun is booming with warmth, and the sky so blue, your uncle just had to bust out the Superman socks. Now from one grownman to another, I know you must be thinking “ain’t he too old to be wearing superhero socks”? To which I say, no. No grownman is ever too old to wear superhero gear – especially when your rocking Superman socks.

With so many superheroes and iconic figures out there, it’s hard to find yourself with at least a T-shirt of them in your stash. Everyone has a favorite superhero they like to wear from time to time, who’s your go-to hero?


My book “Grownman Tips” is out now, the next 50 copies get an autographed copy from your uncle!

Picture of Grownman Tips book written by Tone-X

Order your copy RIGHT HERE, and make sure to let your uncle know who to make it out to. Catch more of your favorite Grown Man Monday – Friday, 3 pm-7 pm. Follow your uncle on Twitter or Instagram. My prayers go out to everyone affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. I and the V101.9 family hopes everyone stays safe, connected, and healthy during these times. We are in this together. Thanks for reading this message from a grownman.