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On the last Wednesday of every month, the staff at the Independence Regional branch of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library digs into “History’s Mysteries.” Up next: the legend of Bigfoot.

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People across North America have been obsessed with the idea of Bigfoot or Sasquatch since the 19th Century. Evidence for the ape-like entity’s existence continues to be disputed and that only seems to stoke the flames of curiosity and belief. How else can you explain the large Bigfoot festivals held annually in states such as North Carolina and Oklahoma?

Whether you’ve had a Bigfoot sighting of your own or not, you can explore the mysterious creature’s hidden past. Join the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library’s free “History’s Mysteries” hour via Zoom on Wednesday, February 24th from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. You must pre-register online by Monday, February 22nd to reserve your spot.


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