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Released in October of 2019, Sulwe became a #1 New York Times bestseller.

Written by Nyong’o and illustrated by Vashti Harrison, the book follows a young Kenyan girl named Sulwe, who wishes for her dark skin to be lighter. One night, Sulwe is visited by a shooting star sent by the Night that opens her eyes and changes her perspective. “Sulwe” is a story about colorism, self-esteem and understanding that true beauty comes from within.

No word as to when this might be on the streaming service, but Nyong’o had this to say: “The story of Sulwe is one that is very close to my heart. Growing up, I was uncomfortable in my dark skin. I rarely saw anyone who looked like me in the aspirational pages of books and magazines, or even on TV. It was a long journey for me to arrive at self-love.”

This musical makes the second joint effort between Netflix and Nyong’o, the first being her involvement last fall with Bookmarks, a live-action series that features prominent Black celebrities and artists reading children’s books from Black authors highlighting the Black experience.