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It’s Raining And Cold all Day In Charlotte. Be Careful

Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories are now in effect for most of North Carolina as a winter storm moves across the region.


It will be “significant” ice storm that’s expected to impact parts of Charlotte and the surrounding region Thursday morning.

There’s potential for significant icing in areas north of Charlotte. Duke Energy said they are preparing for upwards of 1 million power outages in North Carolina related to the storm and they’re urging customers to prepare for multi-day power outages.


North and west of Charlotte, where the impacts are expected to be the most significant, the National Weather Service has issued Winter Storm Warnings.


In Charlotte, across Mecklenburg County, and as far south as Lancaster and York counties in South Carolina, the National Weather Service has issued Winter Weather Advisories. In those locations, the impacts are expected to be less significant but still present.


How to prepare for a winter storm

Overnight rain transitioned to sleet and ice in the mountains early Thursday. By 5 a.m area were low at the time but all precipitation was freezing upon contact. Trees and guardrails were already accumulating ice.


The freezing rain could linger around as long as 2 p.m. Thursday. Mulcahy and First Warn forecaster Larry Sprinkle said temperatures should climb back above freezing by the afternoon.


“Significant freezing rain, hazardous travel and widespread power outages,” Panovich said. “Be cautious, outages can happen, even as stuff is melting and falling after the heavy precipitation moves out.”


Freezing rain and ice likely won’t impact all of Charlotte, with the northern half of Mecklenburg County at a higher risk of ice and power outages.