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Janine Davis

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There are literally hundreds of Charlotte community members calling an area in the uptown their home. They are the homeless. But, now Mecklenburg County has ordered them to clear the area called “Tent City”. Officials declare it’s a ‘nuisance’ because of the rodents infested there.

The County initiated an Abatement of Imminent Hazard Order to the owners of the property at the Encampment or “Tent City”. That is located on 12th street between Tryon and College.  The Order states those residents have until Friday, February 19 to leave the property and that property owners have to clean the area to begin getting rid of the rodents.

Public Health Director Gibbie Harris says these types of orders are rare but are needed when health is potentially at risk.

So, just where will these “residents” go? The County is working with community partners to expand shelter capacity at existing sites and provide additional accommodations and support for shelter residents including mental health and substance abuse services.

The Order went into effect Tuesday, February 16, 2021.