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Black History Month

Apple’s latest special-edition Apple Watch, inspired by the colors of the Pan-African flag, has just been released to celebrate Black History Month. The collection includes the Apple Watch Series 6 ($399+), the Black Unity Sport Band ($49), and a Unity watch face.

The new hardware is part of what the company is calling the Black Unity Collection, a group of products designed to “celebrate and acknowledge Black history and Black culture.” The collection will be available for purchase only in February at Apple, Target, online, or in-store. Except, the Black Unity Sport Band, which will be available throughout the year.

An overview of some of Apple’s other plans:

  • App Store: A new Black History Month Hub will spotlight Black-owned businesses and Black developers. Apple will also feature stories with Black developers discussing the importance of representation in apps and games.
  • Apple Music: Apple will feature curated playlists, essays, original videos, and more from Black influencers, musicians, authors, and directors.
  • Apple Maps: Apple will feature curated Apple Maps Guides created in collaboration with EatOkra, a Black-owned business directory app based in Brooklyn.
  • Apple TV app: This month’s theme for “Essential Stories” on the Apple TV app will “spotlight the multidimensionality of the Black family and its representation onscreen,” according to Apple. There will also be new content from Oprah Winfrey.
  • Apple News: Apple will feature curated topic groups that highlight the “best journalism around race in America,” while Apple News+ will offer audio articles that celebrate the Black experience.