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No, All Vegan Food Is Not Healthy.

The plant-based “meat” maker, Beyond Meat, has been expanding their accessibility like no other thanks to recent partnerships with Pizza Hut, CVS, and McDonalds. There are more vegan and plant-based products than ever—but don’t assume they’re all healthy.

Beyond Meat has launched two new versions of its Beyond Burgers.  Both are different products than the current Beyond Burger, which they will replace on store shelves in 2021.

The “juicy” new Beyond Burger will have 35% less saturated fat than a classic 80/20 beef burger patty, and the more nutritious option will have 55% less saturated fat than beef. These two new burgers will have B vitamins and minerals comparable to the micronutrients of beef. As they continue to improve their nutritional information, the company’s priorities will also focus on price and taste.