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Janine Davis

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Coronavirus cases are on the rise all across the country and so is the number of COVID-19 vaccine trials. One Charlotte company is looking for 900 candidates to participate in the Moderna vaccine trial.

Tryon Medical Partners says it’s moving forward with this particular trial known as the Ensemble Study. WBTV reports the study is with a company called Janssen that’s through Johnson & Johnson.

Here’s what Tyron Medical is looking for in candidates:

  • Adults 65+
  • Adults 18-64 in high-risk jobs
  • People of color

Doctors with Tryon Medical say that there are different vaccines so they want to be sure everyone is represented. They say patients will be paid for their time. You may recall earlier this year, the Johnson & Johnson study had to be put on hold after a medical review board said the study found no proof that the vaccine has a positive effect on the virus.

There is also a trial from Pfizer Pharmaceutical company that doctors say is promising. Those interested in learning more about the Ensemble study can call Tryon Medical Partners at 704-586-9386.