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Dozens of community activists are expected at the next Charlotte City Council meeting to push for change within the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. The city council will meet virtually, Monday, October 26th. They will consider recommendations local community organizations have requested. Those recommendations include, among other things, more police accountability. Here are proposed changes for consideration:

  • review of Citizen’s Review Board
  • review role of Civil Service Board
  • alignment with ‘8 Can’t Wait’ initiative
  • review police recruitment and training
  • review rules of conduct and response to resistance
  • police community engagement and youth programs
  • First Amendment activities (passive protests and peaceful demonstrations)
  • police transparency and access to information
  • police budget
  • management of subjects with mental illness/extreme distress
  • criminal process

Kass Ottley of Seeking Justice CLT, says they want to make sure council  members do more than lip service. She encourages people who want to speak at the council meeting to sign up.  The deadline for speakers is 9am, Monday, October 26th.

#SeekingJusticeCLT #UnitedForChange