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Amplifying the voices of Black authors such as Nikole Hannah-Jones, Toni Morrison, Michael Eric Dyson, and more.

Charlotte Mecklenburg library released a statement back in June standing against systematic racism. Making good on their promise, they’ve launched one small piece of a much larger equity strategy, called the Black Lives Matter Program. This initiative aims to provide information and resources to educate the community on topics centered around social justice and racial equity while featuring Black stories.

Each month, the library will feature a different Black author to examine their works through learning circles, book talks, and discussion groups. The Social Justice Book Club meets the Third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m on Zoom.

Register and join in reading the following titles:

September 2020 The 1619 Project New York Times
October 2020 The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison
November 2020 A Black Women’s History of the United States Daina Ramey Berry
December 2020 Tears We Cannot Stop Michael Eric Dyson

You can find more information in the coming weeks on additional authors and black stories HERE!