Apple Music and Howard University teamed up to produce a live-streamed racial justice event called Rap Life Live featuring an elite line-up of hip-hop acts, on the campus on howard in  Washington D.C.

The event will deliver unique performances by Lil Baby, Wale, Rapsody, and Nas, along with Apple Music’s own Nadeska, LowKey, and, Ebro Darden as hosts.  

Rap Life Live aims to further extend the conversation around social issues impacting the Black community with the help of artists who use their music and influence to address police reform, racial and gender equality, social justice, and standing up to racism

Rap Life Live: Howard University | Apple Music

In times of turmoil and uncertainty music has long been the great healer. As the world constricts under the pressure of injustice, Rap Life Live-against the ...


“Our voice is our biggest weapon,“ Rapsody answered when asked by Howard University why she wanted to participate. “You have to speak up for what you want. You have to be the change. Speak to each other. Speak up, let people hear you.”   Asked the same question, Nas answered “Whatever is going on in society, affects people. People affect society. And People are going to speak and artists are going to make art.”

As Apple Music’s global head of Hip-Hop and R&B, Ebro plans to expand the inaugural event on other campuses in an effort to continue the momentum of the conversation.

”The Rap Life team’s main objective was to use our voice and tools to show support and solidarity with students, artists and activists around the nation rising up to make sure the world knows that Black Lives Matter,” Ebro said. “We plan to bring Rap Life Live to more HBCU campuses because these institutions are part of the backbone of Black communities and Hip-Hop is from the Black experience.”