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Wait…what?! If your gut reaction is no, then you will be shocked if you keep reading.

If you’re local to Concord, you’ve heard the urban legend that below the city is a volcano, sitting dormant. The Charlotte Motor Speedway is said to be in the center of this hollow volcanic crater, and some residents feared it might one day reawaken “with an earth-shaking roar” and fill the skyline with ash and shooting magma.

To get to the bottom of this, WFAE reached out to two UNC Charlotte geologists to set the record straight. The geologists say “You’re not entirely wrong, but you’re not entirely right either.”

Evidently miles underneath Concord is a pool of hardened magma, which technically isn’t a volcano. If this was 400 years ago, then yes there would be volcanos on the surface, but not now. You can read more about this on WFAE’s website.

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