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Bars, nightclubs, movie theaters, indoor entertainment facilities, amusement parks, dance halls remain close during Phase 2.5

A few months ago, we all looked forward to weekends out on the town, no curfews, and late night entertainment. Now, it’s hard not to find an area of life that Covid-19 hasn’t impacted, and Charlotte’s music scene is no exception.

Joe Kuhlmann, founder of The Evening Muse, and 11 other independent music venue owners in Charlotte have banned together to file a petition, asking local government for financial assistance (CARES Act money). All they need is fans support getting it in front of the people who can make matters better. Sign here! to Save Charlotte Stages.

Next Thursday, you can even show your support through buying great local art from an auction taking place on the Neighborhood Theatre’s Instagram page, and all proceeds will help keep the venue open. 6 p.m. Free.