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Charlotte Hornets, Charlotte Knights ending partnerships with CPI security. It comes less than a day after the Carolina Panthers announced the end of the team’s partnership with CPI following the CEO’s remarks on George Floyd protests.

The Charlotte Hornets announced Sunday that the team would be ending its partnership with CPI Security. It comes less than 24 hours after the Carolina Panthers announced the same thing, following an email by the CEO of CPI Security that was leaked to the public. In a statement, the Hornets said the team believed it was “appropriate” to end the relationship.

“Our chairman has been very clear about his thoughts surrounding the issues of racial equality, social justice and diversity,” the statement from the Charlotte Hornets reads. “Hornets Sports & Entertainment shares these values. As a result, we believe it is appropriate at this time to end our partnership with CPI. We notified CPI CEO Ken Gill of our decision earlier today. Across our organization from our ownership, to our players, to our staff, we are fully committed to improving racial equality, social justice, diversity, and access to education throughout our community.”

The email was sent in response to a call to action by Queen City Unity to end police brutality.

CPI Security CEO Kenneth Gill suggests Jorge Millares, with Queen City Unity, “spend time in a more productive way,” and that “better use of time, would be to focus on the black on black crime and senseless killing of our young men by other young men.”

The Charlotte Knights announced Sunday that the team was “committed to inclusion and diversity” and would be ending the partnership with CPI, including sponsorship and branding in the ballpark.

“As the Charlotte Knights are committed to inclusion and diversity, we were very disappointed to hear of the recent comments made by a representative of CPI Security,” the Charlotte Knights said in a statement. “As such, effective immediately, we are ending our partnership with CPI which includes sponsorship and branding within our ballpark and on various media platforms. We stand with those in our community and across the country who are working to affect change to bring an end to racism and discrimination.”