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What are your thoughts should people be forced to wear Facemask?

I believe that people have the right to choose, but you should never put someone’s health or life in jeopardy because you don’t want to wear one., but many people are split on this debate. As businesses nationwide continue to reopen, the debate over whether people should be required to wear face masks is heating up.


The latest clash between a customer and store employee went viral after the customer began filming. In the 37-second video, which has more than 6.8 million views, a customer who appears to be in a checkout line at Costco can be heard telling an employee whose name tag says Tison, “I’m going to show my 3,000 followers on my Instagram feed, mostly locals.”

The Costco employee responds, “Hi everyone, I work for Costco and I’m asking this member to put on a mask because that’s our company policy, so you either wear the mask or…” That’s when the employee is cut off. The man then turns the camera back at himself and says, “and I’m not doing it because I woke up in a free country.

The man can then be heard berating the Costco employee before the video ends.


The Costco employee is being praised online for his handling of the situation; a situation which highlights a reality for many retail workers who are having to enforce stores’ rules and public health guidelines on masks.

The question at the center of the reopening debate is should facemasks be required in public or just recommended?


Governors of both North and South Carolina have not issued any requirements at the state level, but some counties and cities have begun setting their own mandates. For example, in the town of Davidson, commissioners voted Tuesday to allow businesses the option.