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Does Jiggy Have a grown daughter? Well according to LaTeasha Macer from Cambridge, Maryland says she has been through a lot in her 28 years on this earth.

She watched Multiple Sclerosis take a toll on her mother’s life, leaving her bedridden, but she held her mom down helping raise four other children while going to school full-time and working two jobs.

Macer said her family had a so-called secret that the whole town knew about including her. She says it’s now time for her to spill her own tea and speak her truth: Jay-Z is her father….yea right, this is allegedly!

According to Macer’s IG page she has decided to speak her truth. She alleges that the rapper/music mogul Shawn Carter AKA Jay-Z is her father.  According to La’Teasha’s page, Jay-Z and her mother had a relationship that her family, as well as others in town, knew about. Besides DNA, looks don’t lie. She also said just like her alleged father, she has twin boys, that would be his grandchildren. What do yall think is this woman lying or does Jay Z havbe a grown daughter??