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Coronavirus Information Report

If you still have not received your stimulus check yet, there may be a reason for that. You may get it instead as a debit card. The U.S. Treasury Department just announced this week it will start mailing out about 4 million stimulus payments on debit cards.

Many people have either received a deposit directly into their bank account or may have received a paper check. Now, the IRS has apparently gotten smarter and if they have your bank information on file, you may actually get your payment on a debit card and avoid waiting on a check. And that could also mean you receive your payment faster.

You’ll be able to activate the Visa debit card immediately. Whether it’s to make purchases, get cash from an ATM or transfer funds into a bank account, the funds will be there and there won’t be a fee. So far, the Treasury says it’s delivered more than 140 million payments worth $239 billion — all a part of a coronavirus economic aid package passed in March.

Happy spending!