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Plants can clean the air

How can we raise out immune system with plants, and which ones are more powerful than others? If I had of known that house plants are good at cleaning the air in my house and office I would of used them sooner to boost my immune system when COVID-19 started. House plants can scrub the air of toxins and help improve our overall well-being.  Check out the benefits of Aloe Vera kicking up our immune system and grows great indoors and can be used in juices, applied topically or used as an air scrubber.  They say if you keep your plant in a warm area near natural light in the kitchen or on a bookshelves near the kitchen. FYI: Plant in succulent soil that is fast draining, and water thoroughly when the soil is completely dry. The most common mistake when caring for an Aloe plant is over watering or allowing it to sit in water.