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Fly Ty Top Stories Of The Day: Snoop Dogg apology DEA In Charlotte, Withrop College Mumps..And More

Morning showers. 80% chance of rain.

As of today, the start of early voting in North Carolina’s presidential primary, the state has 2.5 million registered Democrats, 2.1 million registered Republicans, and 2.3 million people registered as unaffiliated.

Students, staff on Winthrop University campus last week exposed to mumps The health department sent a letter, warning there has been a confirmed case of the viral infection

Huntersville Police have now charged a 7-year-old boy who brought a loaded 9mm handgun onto his school bus. The gun was loaded with 15 bullets, 7-year-old got onto his school bus, headed for Blythe Elementary school in Huntersville.

The DEA says drug cartel activity is on the rise in the Charlotte area. Here’s why.

They say in charlotte meth is king. Adding that Charlotte is  a cartel transshipment location due to its booming population and network of highways.

A New Jersey woman who served as the financial manager for her church reportedly stole over a half a million dollars to pay for wedding and other personal expenses

A mother is going viral after video shows her taking scissors to her daughter’s braids because another stylist braided her hair. The little girl screams and cries as her braids, fall to the ground. The father took the daughter without the mom knowing

Snoop Dogg Apologizes to Gayle King

Janet Jackson Surprises Whoopi Goldberg On ‘The View’

Mya Reveals Dress From Secret Wedding But Not Who Her Husband Is!