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Raising Your Vibration

How can you raise your vibration when you’re in the midst of a dark place? Dark places meaning the environments that don’t raise our vibration or people who look at the glass half full and willing to lend a helping hand. The first step out of the dismal and dark clouds is being conscious that you know you’re in it and wish to get out of it.  The question is, can you afford to escape the dark place because sometimes the dark place is work, home, and family gatherings. 

Since I’m not a therapist or psychologist I can’t give professional advice, but I can give a first-hand account of what dark looks and feels like to me. Take control of at least 1 hour of your day by reading things that lighten your day, which includes listening to music, discovering new comedians and even venturing into nature. If you live in a concrete city and can’t find the pretty grass, or any birds chirping do a youtube search for an hour of audio that satisfies that craving.  The nature adventure may sound like a stretch and corny at the same time, it just makes sense to get into nature’s playground of pathways to calm yourself, it’s the perfect therapeutic silence.  Surrounding yourself with nature or the fake elements of it can raise your vibration so you can live out loud for another day.

First African American, one-woman syndicated radio host in the Southeast region for major broadcast networks. Over the past 23 years my passion and perseverance has lead me to reach and relate to demographics spanning, Sports stations, Country, Hip-hop, R & B, Gospel, Adult Contemporary & Top 40 radio stations. I have a unique way of setting the tone, and people feel comfortable telling their story,