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 A former Concord pastor serving a life sentence has been charged in the killing of a missing Charlotte woman, whose bones were found scattered throughout a wooded in Iredell County last year.

Talisha Meaders, 29, was reported missing in 2016. In January 2019, Meaders’ remains were discovered in an area off Bridgewater Lane, just a few miles from where Meaders’ abandoned vehicle was found. Deputies say Meaders died from a gunshot wound to the head.

Because of the condition of the remains, as it took two days to retrieve 70 of Meaders’ scattered bones, it took investigators about 10 months to identify her.

Thursday, deputies announced the arrest of 54-year-old Timothy Crumitie, a former Concord pastor who was convicted of the attempted murder of Meaders’ mother, Kimberly Cherry, and convicted of murder of Cherry’s boyfriend, Michael Gretsinger.

Crumitie’s wife was killed in an invasion of the couple’s home in July 2013. Later that year, in December, deputies say Crumitie was arrested for insurance fraud after burning his home to the ground.

In April of 2016, deputies say an older woman Crumitie was living with died under “questionable circumstances.” Crumitie became appointed as the woman’s power of attorney and executor of her estate, after befriending the woman during their together, deputies say.

Crumitie was served with an arrest warrant on Meaders’ murder on Tuesday.