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Janine Davis

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Uh-oh…there’s another challenge out there. No, it’s not the like the ‘Hot Sauce Challenge’ or even the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge.’ This one is a lot more dangerous. Authorities in Massachusetts have sent out letters to fire departments and educators warning of the “Outlet Challenge” that involves using part of a phone charger, a wall outlet, and a penny.

What has happened is damage to electrical systems and possible fires. The “outlet challenge” video is on TikTok (a video-sharing social media platform) and there’s now concern after three incidents at two schools.

In Plymouth North High School on Tuesday, firefighters found two scorched outlets and a cellphone charger with a penny fused to the prongs.
Two 15-year-old male students now face charges of attempted arson and malicious damage to property under $1,200, according to Plymouth police. Authorities are warning parents to talk to their children and tell them “if you see this stuff, don’t try to imitate it.”
At Westford Academy in Massachusetts on Friday, a spark ignited an outlet and generated smoke, setting off the school’s fire alarm, according to Westford Fire Department spokesperson.
The good news out of all of this – no one has been hurt.