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Prepare for your storm

What if there was a bad storm in your area and help doesn’t make it your way until days or weeks later? Since there’s no climate change going on, wink, wink, let’s just assume one late night you might have to evacuate. Questions to ask yourself. Do I keep my gas tank at least 3/4 full all the time? Do I have at least $200 to $500 in cash readily available if ATM machines are down? Do you have a personal book the family shares with phone numbers and addresses of family members written down instead of relying on cell phone addresses? Do we have a plan as a family if divided? Let’s talk about pets! Would you have the heart to leave your pet behind if you had to evacuate within a certain amount of time? These are all hard questions to ask yourself. But let’s start with your list of things to pack today, just in case you had to evacuate tonight. 

Being prepared means having your own food and water and other supplies like flashlights and batteries ready to go! Also, think in terms of having at least 72 hours worth of water, food and clothing are suggested. Here’s someplace to start your complete list.