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Janine Davis

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Ok, move over Burger King and your Impossible Burger and make room for Dunkin Donuts new Beyond Sausage sandwich.

Yep, it’s call the “Beyond-D-O-Double-G” Sandwich which rap veteran Snoop Dogg created. Its a beyond sausage patty – meaning it is plant-based protein – served with egg and cheese sandwiched between a glazed donut. The sandwich launched Monday, January 13th and will only be available for a week. And some Dunkin Donut locations will offer free samples of the Beyond Sausage sandwich January 24 and 25.

And if that’s not enough, Snoop and Dunkin Donuts are opening up a pop-up store which will include merchandise like a green tracksuit worded with “Glazzed for Days”. It opens later this month.

Hmmm? Not so sure I want fake meat with a glazed doughnut.

#BeyondSausageSandwich #SnoopFakeMeatSandwich