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It seems we can’t go a month without a racist incident going viral. This time it was four Longwood High School teenagers were labeled monkeys by their high school teacher.

The picture was taken during a class field trip to the zoo in November. According to the claim, the students were “deliberately persuaded, tricked and cajoled” by the teacher to take the picture. One of the students alleges in the suit that he made a video of the slideshow on his phone only to be told to destroy it and be threatened with school suspension. The superintendent of Longwood Central School District, Michael Lonergan, issued a statement calling the image “culturally insensitive,” and an “unfortunate lapse of judgment,” according to The Root.

The parents have come together and filed a group lawsuit for $12 million for the humiliating act by the teacher calling their children stupid monkeys.

Me personally i’m sick and tired of color being an issue and the but of whites jokes!






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