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Tamron Hall is shutting down the claim that she blew up on her staff because her show has not been renewed for a second season yet Kelly Clarkson’s Show has been renewed.

She took to her Instagram to dispel the rumor but said that it is not by coincidence that this rumor was started after the episode of her show where she defended Gabrielle Union against NBC.

Gabrielle Union was recently fired from the NBC show America’s Got Talent. Gabrielle states that there was a “toxic culture” at the network.

On that particular episode Tamron stated, and she reiterated it in the Instagram post, I have seen men storm out of rooms huffing and puffing and no one says anything while women who speak up are viewed as difficult.

As for Kelly Clarkson, Tamron said that she has never once complained about her renewal, I am so happy for my fellow Texan.


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